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With 30 years of experience to roll out Day Camps, the Habad Schools of Geneva offer bilingual holiday camps to children and young people aged from 3 to 14 years old. 


All activities take place in our school of Geneva and are therefore conducted in line with our human values and spirit. 


We set up 5 main Camps and each one is designed and according to the highest standards with first-rate staff, facilities and supervision.


Our camps run all days from Monday to Friday in 1 central place in Geneva.


Creativity, sports, learning, travelling, exit to Parcs, Football, Kanoe, Acrobrench, Activities around the Lake, Swimming Pool, Cooking: our wide range of activities allow every child to develop their individual abilities whilst having fun and improving their language skills thanks to our bilingual coaching team.


In a challenging and fun atmosphere, skills are taught through play and the emphasis is on using the youngsters’ love of the activity they are enrolled in to maximize learning opportunities and develop self-confidence, fair-play and self-reliance.


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